To close with our fireside-chat interviews with sustainable emerging brands, for the occasion of Milano Fashion Week Spring Summer 2022, we bring to light ZEROBARRACENTO.

ZEROBARRACENTO is an Italian outerwear brand born from the vision of Camilla Carrara.  A sustainable brand that creates zero-waste silhouettes for every person, no matter age or gender. The brand has received several awards: the Sustainable Contest Montecarlo Fashion Week 2021; has been selected as the Worth Partnership project in 2020, won The One Seasonless award for Mittelmoda 2019, and so on.

The brand’s statement is based on three principles: clean, essential, and Italian lines. Clean material because they only use high-quality materials from certified suppliers. Essential lines, because all pieces are self-complementary, minimal without any extra addition that might generate waste; and Italian lines, because products are designed and made sustainably in Italy.

Camila Carrara told us that “the brand, was created to restructure (re-shape) the values of the fashion industry”: they don’t follow seasonal trends and restrictions imposed by age or gender. The design accompanies the final customer in different stages of life, adapting to body, style, and personality evolution.


ZEROBARRACENTO produces outerwear with versatile materials, with soft and unstructured lines, long belts that can adapt themselves to the different shapes of every person’s day. Because “the body changes in a more evident way, even our mood, and approach to life changes continuously. One day we feel more confident, the next one we need to hide a little, or feel wrapped in a warm hug”, says Camilla Carrara.

The biggest challenge for ZEROBARRACENTO is the commercial expansion: “finding good agents able to properly communicate our sustainability values seems hard today”, says Camilla Carrara.

Dealing with the consumer mindset towards sustainability is not easy. For ZEROBARRABCENTO’s founder, communication is one of the biggest challenges, but a big opportunity at the same time. “Sustainable fashion must be aesthetically attractive but also properly communicated or else its inherent value will be lost with the consumer”.

In ZEROBARRACENTO, every single element has been designed to reach the ZERO-WASTE, which is a commitment that the brand has reached at 360 degrees: with monofibre products to facilitate recycling including selvages and, avoiding accessories that are difficult to disassemble. “We hope that our example will serve to adopt more sustainable lifestyles because each of our choices expresses the values that we want to pursue”, says Camilla Carrara.

By Andrea Padilla