It may seem that the pandemic is over. However, several new outbreaks of contagion are worrying governments. According to Reuters, countries across Asia are facing a second wave of infections and closing again. Hong Kong is under another lockdown: gym, cinema, and clubs are closed. Restaurantes from 6 pm only take away. Vietnam has isolated the city of Danang.

Recently, Italy’s President, Sergio Mattarella, said “freedom doesn’t mean infecting others”. During his speech at the Ventaglio ceremony, he asked people to keep on taking security and self-care measures to avoid another lockdown in the country.

Yesterday (July 30), The Chinese National Health Commission confirmed 127 new cases of Covid-19 in mainland China, of which 123 were locally transmitted. Among them, 112 were recorded in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and 11 in Liaoning Province. In Shanghai, a new suspect case has been reported. China has closed its borders. Only residents can enter and they must respect the mandatory state-controlled quarantine.

Shanghai. Photo: Pexels

Tokyo registers 400 infections per day for the first time. 60% of those infected are in the 20 to 30 age group. From August 3 till the end of the month, restaurants and bars should close at 10 pm. Those who accept will be able to apply for a 200,000 yen (US $ 1,900) grant. Store subsidies have already cost the government 935 billion yen ($ 8.9 billion) in 95% of the emergency reserve fund.

Hong Kong is facing a third wave: the city confirms a fresh daily high of 149 new Covid-19 cases. Three preliminary cases also emerged from asymptomatic patients who had been admitted to the hospital for other reasons. Amid the new health emergency, the Hong Kong administration postponed the election scheduled for September.

Hong Kong. Photo: Pexels