As BOF quoted in one of their articles, “The fashion industry needs to halve its emissions by the end of the decade to meet global climate goals. One of the most important takeaways from the last climate change report was that the fashion industry must act faster in this area. In this scenario, we’ve seen the creation of many fashion companies that focus their efforts on sustainability. Let’s talk about Fashion Sustainable Platforms.

This kind of platforms were created as a solution for those many consumers that wanted to make conscious choices when buying garments, but it wasn’t easy for them to find sustainable products or to understand the “level” of ethics of the brand. 

OASEAS is a Swiss sustainable fashion online platform where consumers can find carefully selected sustainable brands. The young platform examines every brand in terms of transparency, eco-friendliness, social responsibility, and animal welfare. As their founders, Adriana Crovetto and Mar Chova explained, their major motivation for implementing this kind of platform was to take action on the drastic climate change the planet was suffering. “We love fashion but even more, our planet, and here is where OASEAS takes place. Our sustainable fashion platform was born to offer fashion lovers, like us, the opportunity to continue enjoying fashion but more consciously, respecting the environment and society. Choosing a sustainable lifestyle does not mean giving up being fashionable and our brands are proof of that”.

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OASEAS co-founders Adriana Crovetto and Mar Chova

OASEAS collaborates with sustainable brands that pass through a rigorous assessment done taking into consideration external and internal information. The most important point in selecting a brand to work with is the fashionability factor. “Among the pioneers of sustainable fashion, we choose those whose style and creativity catch our attention and make us fall in love with them”. Say Adriana Crovetto and Mar Chova.  After founding these brands, they start deeper and more detailed research for each one of them, considering those criteria that were mentioned before: brand transparency, social responsibility, Eco-Friendliness, and Animal Welfare.

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There are many challenges in changing the fashion industry consumer mindset towards a more sustainable direction. The main challenge for OASEAS is the idea that people have about sustainable fashion. “Unfortunately, many people consider sustainable fashion ‘unfashionable’, preferring to go for the latest trends launched in the shops by the fast-fashion market”. Say Adriana Crovetto and Mar Chova. OASEAS’s goal is centered on erasing this misconception by offering them sustainable but stylish garments and convincing them that “enjoying a quality garment, whose production respects the environment and the people who made it, means also to necessarily pay more than what a fast fashion brand offers”. Say Adriana Crovetto and Mar Chova. Likewise, OASEAS offers a proposal for those people who buy ‘sustainable’ but finds it difficult to find this type of product. For those, the brand gives them a single place where they can find any type of garment, in different styles and materials.

Here Fashion Hub is always focused on searching every theme concerned with sustainability. In this way, we are very pleased to have known more about the history of OASEAS and its sustainable platform.

By Andrea Padilla