Created by Peter Kuchnicki in 2007, Spark Awards is a unique fusion of talented professionals with the mission to promote better living through better design. The Spark Design Awards brings together and rewards the best international designers in more than ten categories.

On their 15th Anniversary, Spark launches their 2021 Award competition open to all designers and studios. This year, Spark has already received quality entries such as Dell, PepsiCo, Philips, Lippincott, Samsung, SodaStream, Timberland, Cisco, Vodafone, and Landscape Forms. The deadline for professional submissions is November 19 and November 25 for student works. Check it online:

Do you want to know more about this competition? Peter Kuchnicki tells us about The Spark Design Awards in this interview.

What Is Spark?
“The Spark Design Awards is an exciting competition created to promote great design and its talented designers. These events are focused on all modern design categories and disciplines. The world’s greatest designs have a home at Spark. We believe design is a critical tool to accelerate human progress. Spark has a brave and modern outlook on sustainability and resource usage that resonates with young designers and policymakers. We think design can have a strong and positive effect on this world. We see design as a problem-solving tool. We all know things must be improved and quickly. The first step is recognizing that–and the second is exchanging information, ideas, and efforts. This is what the Spark Design Awards are all about. Getting it out there.”

What Kind of Designer Can Participate?
“All design sectors are welcome. Designers, art directors, architects, engineers, teachers, design firms, manufacturers, institutions, ad agencies, and entrepreneurs may enter, interact and enjoy Sparking. Major design categories include:
Product Design; Spaces Design; Student Design (Spring & Fall/Winter); Transport & Mobility Design; Health, Medical & Universal Design; Experience & Service Design; Graphic Design; Digital Design (including UX, UI, IXO & HCII); CleanTech Design; Package Design and Concept Pro Design. Each of these categories includes various subsets, such as Architecture, Interior and Urban Design in Spaces, and Fashion Design in the Product category.”

Why Should a Designer Participate?
“Spark is here to help designers to get more and do more by improving themselves prospects, strengthening their resume and portfolio credentials, and helping them to gain more clients, assignments, and interesting projects and problems to solve. For design firms, in-house departments, and marketing teams, Spark validates their efforts and investment in talent and team building, enhances their recruitment efforts, reinforces marketing efforts and competitive stature, and communicates their commitment to sustainable practices. If the company is looking for increased exposure and new business opportunities, jobs, and information, the Spark Awards is a perfect choice.

Spark reaches thousands of passionate professionals and designers in old and new markets alike. A force in the US, Asia, and Europe, Spark has a strong presence in all the hottest growth markets in the world—giving designs and designers an aggressive position in these fast-paced environments.

Spark winners are published on the Spark website, with many exhibited at international design exhibitions and archived in galleries on the Internet. Official Winner Benefits include Exhibition(s), Logo Usage Rights, Winners Certificate PDF, full description, links, video, and images in the winner’s own Online Gallery web page, Publicity, and Awards Celebration. All entrants will also have their own Online Gallery web page from the time of entry until the competition year concludes.”

Where Can Designers Find New Sources of Inspiration?
“By researching and analyzing great design work. The perfect place to start is the Spark Galleries–one of the world’s most popular design destinations. Check out some of the latest Spark entries in the current Galleries or dig into the comprehensive Grand Winners Directory, a searchable, cross-indexed listing of all the Spark Winners from the first year in 2007 to the present. Interested parties may also review the Spark Jurors in the Jury Alumni directory.”

What is the timeframe for entering a Submission to the Spark Awards?
“Spark is a yearly competition, beginning in February of each year, gathering submissions all year, culminating in extensive, 12-day/night juries in late November. The historic 2021 15th Annual award is open for entries now. The Pro deadline is November 19, 2021, and the Student deadline is November 25.”

How does a Designer or Firm Sign Up?
“Visit and register soon at”


By Andrea Padilla.