Project Description


On January 15, Here Fashion Hub in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong and Macao and Tencent WeStart organized a talk about the evolution of the fashion sector in combination with technical development at the headquarters of Tencent Westart, Kwun Tong, HK. 

The guests Filippo Gori (General Manager at Asia Pacific Geox), Sally Yau (Business Consultant at The Cage, Lane Crowford Joyce), Kevin Tang (Co-founder at Kalon Couture), Glory Poon (Director of Business Development at CBX Sofware), Alexander Chan (Co-director at The Mills Fabrica) and Elita Lam (Department Head of Fashion Image Design, HKDI) analyzed the phenomenon of fashion and electronic technology from different points of view. 

There was a discussion about the growing potential of startups, highlighting their diversification and versatility, placing technological research at the center of progress. As Sally Yao says “technology has definitely changed the way we look at the system. Currently, the planning project is inextricably connected to E-Tech. The real challenge that arises is to design something extremely technological attractive, without neglecting the aesthetic aspect (…) Designers must first understand how people use technology today to better design its usability”. 

As an example, they talked about the advent of E-Tech, with body scanning and digital accessories that allow online shoppers to virtually try on clothes thanks to 3D software. Because of this, companies maximize sales and reduce returns, and the end consumer experiences a new and fascinating customer experience. 

In conclusion, the event made clear how the market is changing at an exponential speed and, consequently, the industry’s ability to respond quickly and appropriately to those changes.