Fashion Designer from Seoul graduated from Istituto Marangoni Milano in Fashion Design with a Master’s in Menswear Design, Yuna Oh is one of the three winners of the Fashion Design Digital Contest organized by HERE Fashion Hub and TG3D Studio.

Yuna Oh presented “La Fuitina”, a project focused on expressing how the perception towards masculinity in terms of clothes has changed. The designer made use of the story of “La Fuitina” intending to break with the old norm of dress code in men, to set them free from gender stereotypes.“La Fuitina” was a romantic Sicilian practice where young couples secretly in love run away from home to be together, when they came back home, they had to get married. However, the practice started to be used for other purposes. Rejected suitors or unwanted admirers kidnapped women, then raped them with the purpose of getting the girl, and then rely on a reparation marriage to protect them from prosecution. People got used to this abnormal phenomenon allowing it to be established as a norm. Until Franca Viola appeared and fight against this imposition.
Yuna Oh broke the existing norm in men’s dress code by using the materials and volumes from the Sicilian women’s wedding dresses in her men’s collection. She made use of the romantic laces’ material in a way of releasing men from stereotypes and rules imposed by society. “In this collection, each man decides his own identity,” says Yuna Oh.

Regarding the 3D area in this competition, Yuna Oh told us that 3D Design helps her to recognize the texture and volumes of garments in her collections, in a way that she can understand if that fabric is the right one for the concept in a specific collection.
Yuna’s principal goal is to deliver the audience the message that she intended in her collections, in a way that people can connect with the history behind. “Share the beauty I believe in with all the people who I love and appreciate. I want everyone to feel happy in it”, says Yuna Oh.

By Andrea Padilla.