Take your fashion creations to a NEW DIMENSION! You bring the design, we make it 3D!

As stimulating creativity and promoting new talents is part of Here Fashion Hub DNA, we’ve launched a contest in collaboration with TG3D Studio, for all those revolutionary and creative thinkers (students, professional designers, or design companies).

The Contest invites all participants to develop their 3D/digital fashion design and to form themself in this topic. This competition will only require the participants to submit their creative design and TG3D Studio will take care of the 3D part. The competition is suitable for designs that are both in concept or realized works designed by brands.

The goal is to let designers expand their creativity within the production & 3d bandwidth. It’s your chance to explore and curate creative designs with the taste of 3d/digital fashion and in providing insights into how far a 3D design can go.

At the end of this competition, the participants will be equipped with full 3D knowledge and will be able to implement them practically in their future design workflow.

Taking into consideration the last events that have happened worldwide and that nowadays we can’t talk about fashion without talking about sustainability, all fashion pieces designed for the contest must have a focus on travel wear and sustainability. The designs must be wearable and able to be manufactured. Also, integrating a 3D mindset into the design work will be a critical point in the contest.

The jury will be composed of professionals with many years of experience from HERE Fashion Hub and TG3D. The prize for the 3 finalists will be an Annual access to TG3D Studio’s 3D Fashion Design Suite. Also, all participants will win a 1-hour 3D strategy consulting service and a 10% discount for all the TG3D 3D solution packages.

 Submit your project in a PDF file of a maximum of 10 MB that includes:

  • Page 1:  a small biography (name, surname, country of origin, country of residence, email, educational background, and occupation).
  • Page 2: a mood board (free collage of images to express your design mood).
  • Page 3: a hand sketch or CAD drawing of your selected outfit (composed by 1 topwear, 1 bottomwear, and 1 overwear).
  • Page 4: a material board.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Make your pre-registration at https://forms.office.com/r/YtkkVnZ2yb. Don’t be left out of  this amazing experience! There are limited places available for participants. 



Application deadline: October 29th, 2021

Winner announcement: November 15th, 2021. ,  and TG3D Studios will invite everyone who loves fashion and innovation to an insightful webinar that will equip all participants with a 3D mindset

Webinar: October 6th,2021

Tg3D Studio has organized an innovation and insightful webinar that will equip all participants with a 3D mindset. Link for webinar registration: https://form.jotform.com/212591725345457


Don’t miss this opportunity and submit your project to communication@herefh.com

For additional information or any questions regarding the competition, write to communication@herefh.com and for questions regarding  3D designs, write to solutions@tg3ds.com .