Meet Mpact, one of the three-winner in the 2021 Fashion Digital Design Contest organized by HERE Fashion Hub and TG3D Studio. Mpact is a Vietnam-based fashion startup focused on transformable designs and sustainability. “Mpact”, as for Mindful Impact, was founded by Kara Nguyen, who saw an opportunity in traditional tailoring and design innovation to better serve women in terms of clothing.

“Every year, there are 100 billion pieces of clothing produced, yet women do not have a choice when it comes down to choosing garments that fit them properly. Brands would dictate both styles and sizing – what a woman sees in the store is what she gets. This inefficient, traditional model not only creates massive waste due to ill-fitting problems but also imposes unrealistic, disempowering beauty standards onto women”, says the Mpact team.

Mpact develops modular, convertible, detachable, reversible, front-rear, adjustable, and quality portable designs, to be used several times and, therefore, promote lower consumption. For this contest, the startup designed “The Detachable Zenny Trench Coat”, a tailored, transformable, desk to dinner, Zen-inspired 3 in 1 trench coat optimized for travel and a smarter way of dressing.

Mpact personalizes its clothes, adapting them to the body, personal values, and lifestyle of each woman. “We envision a future where women are no longer labeled by a few restricting sizes but liberated to embrace and celebrate their uniqueness”, says Mpact teams.

The startup has a size-free, inventory-free, and season-free model. It promotes the permanence of its unique collection as well as multifunctional and timeless designs. “We only produce what has been ordered and each garment is made to last thanks to our fit guarantee and free alteration policy”, says the Mpact team.

By Andrea Padilla.