Operating in Milan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Ho Chi Minh, we are a design creation platform with a unique library of ready-to-order fashion accessories. Through our innovative business model, we empower independent designers and provide a hassle-free complete outsourcing solution to fashion brands.

As stimulating creativity is part of HERE Fashion Hub DNA, we develop our collections in transparent collaboration with designers members of our community. Then, after selling the items to the fashion brands under a white label regime, we split the sales with the designer. Doing that, the designer benefits from an outstanding exposure other than a significant income.

Saying that, and this is why we are reaching out, thanks to our network and presence in both continents, we promote bridging activities between the Italian and Chinese design scene, matching the talents of members of our community with cross-border events, competitions, fairs, shows and freelancer jobs, all design-related.

100+ members already benefited from these activities, in a way or another. Our LinkedIn and Instagram pages are updated with the latest events.

We are currently working on HERE4TALENT Booklet 2021. If you are a designer or you are running an emerging brand and you are open to international opportunities, you are welcome to join our community.