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Your trustable partner in Asia for procurement, sourcing, product development and quality control.

sourcing & ODM HUB in China

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Quality Control

Decades of Experience in Sourcing Fashion and Travel Accessories

Staff on Ground in Europe and Mainland China

Deep Understanding of Chinese Sourcing Dynamics

ODM Products

Broad network of trustworthy factories

Staff on Ground in Europe and China

Extensive experience negotiating with Chinese factories

odm Products

With our decades-long experience dealing directly with factories, we have established a wide and trustworthy network, ensuring quick, quality, and price fair products. Whether you are a brand, Amazon or Walmart seller, we have got you covered, providing comprehensive sourcing solutions tailored to your specific needs.
From trendy fashion accessories to practical day to day gear to essential travel items, rely on us to deliver exceptional products that meet your expectations.

Backpacks, business bags, passport holders, bag-in-bag designs, and everyday essentials like water refillable bottles and tote bags are just a few examples from our extensive catalog. Feel free to check with us for a complete range of products and discover even more items to meet your sourcing needs.

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Your Trustable Sourcing Partner in Asia

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