Here Fashion Hub, in its mission to stimulate, promote and engage with its community, is pleased to present, on the occasion of Milano Design week 2021, a unique exhibition of design and innovation in collaboration with one of its players, Spark Design. The display welcomes connoisseurs of design and innovation to the Platinum Winner Design Awards 2021 Milano Spark exhibition. The exciting designs that will be presented are not just recent 2020 winners. They are all of Spark’s Platinum winners back to 2013.  These Plats are the top Spark’s winners of all their Awards: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. They are, indeed, the Best of the Best, judged by hundreds of the world’s top designers and experts.

Visitors will see fabulous ideas and design executions, from great design practices and studios to wild and clever student designs.

The exhibition will be presented in Here Fashion Hub Milano headquarters, located at Via Crocefisso, 21. The hours are from 11: 00 AM to 18:00 from September 4th to September 9th, masks are required, and vaccinations are suggested.


The Spark Design Awards, launched in 2007 and celebrating its 15th year, is a rapidly growing series of international design awards. 12 design categories are being judged, representing every discipline of design. The juries are currently held by international teleconference, with live simultaneous judging over a week, in both June and November.

 The Spark mission is to promote better living through better design. The criteria are the same for all Spark categories: does the design “Spark,” i.e., innovate, change the game and in some way improve humanity or the environment we live in? The founders at Spark believe Design is an important and relevant tool to help build a better world. They feel that Design and designers act as catalysts, addressing problems and improving our lives and our Earth.

Spark is about Change—a designed change. And change for the better: studied, researched, cognizant of criteria like sustainability, suitability, efficiency, context, inventiveness, universality—and yes, beauty and joy.

Ultimately, one must ask why this is important. Business is important but it is a means to an end. Spark might call the real goal “betterment.” Better lives, better health, better water, better air. Great design can help us get there.

We can’t wait to see you, don’t miss the chance to enjoy and get inspired by this great exhibition!