On the occasion of Milano Fashion Week Spring Summer 2022, HERE Fashion Hub is focusing its efforts on promoting a space dedicated 100% to emerging brands focusing on sustainability.

A series of fireside-chat interviews that explore the blooming land of sustainable and innovative alternatives in the fashion industry.

For our first interview, we learn about CDC STUDIO, an emergent sustainable brand that was born from the passion for “reuse” and the vision of Cristina Di Carlo. Their collections only use materials that have finished their first life cycle, making them a resource. The brand has developed COEO, a  fabric made from post-consumer recycled plastics and fabrics from warehouse inventories. This fabric is patented and produced by them so that they can control which raw materials are used from the source.

Starting a sustainable brand isn’t easy. For Cristina Di Carlo, the main obstacle on starting their brand was the high cost of sustainable and/or recycled raw materials, in relation to having to offer a low-cost product to embrace a pool of users who are often excluded due to the high costs of the final product.

“Unfortunately in this precise historical period, the term sustainability is inflated and no longer has the values it should have; many brands use this term too lightly to the detriment of brands like ours that carry out a constant and careful search for certified materials using only those”, says Cristina Di Carlo.

Photo: CDC Studio

Even though today more people are committed to making sustainable purchases, there are still many challenges in changing the consumer mindset towards sustainability. For Cristina Di Carlo, part of the solution is to indoctrinate the consumer to less waste by creating and producing fewer, more resistant, and less fickle garments. “The immoderate attention to fashion of the moment means that there is a bimonthly change of the garments we wear. Buying less and more wisely and less impulsively is already a step towards a more sustainable approach”.

CDC_STUDIO is committed to making it clear to those who buy “that it is possible to wear garments made of “scraps” and that they are not only beautiful but even more lasting and unique”, says Cristina Di Carlo.

As Here Fashion Hub is always focused on searching every theme concerned with sustainability, we are very pleased to have known more about CDC STUDIO and to learn how a powerful brand vision can get when creativity goes boundless.

By Andrea Padilla