While governments gradually relax measures of social distance, contagion numbers continue to increase at a relatively slow rate. Since March, the world has been discussing the so-called ‘new normal’. We knew from the beginning that the pandemic would bring a series of disruptions with huge and lasting consequences. It was obvious that fashion industry players could not keep on having the same practices and behaviors they had before this scenario. Partly because the ‘old normal’ was destroying us. But also, because it would be impossible to find a way out of the crisis without a significant change of habits.

Travel restrictions, closed factories, delays… managers and entrepreneurs had to deal with a considerable amount of problems in a short time. In addition to adapting the entire business to this challenging period, companies needed (and still need) to take care of their employees’ health to avoid contagion. All these constraints showed brands that they can manufacture in China without having to impose unnecessary travel on their employees. Besides faster market entry, reduced risks, and initial investments and the possibility of obtaining a quick return on investment, outsourcing in fashion is a smart way to restart.

China is the world’s largest factory. No doubt geographic distance, cultural differences and for sure the language can be obstacles to successfully manufacture in the Asian country. However, with the right partners, companies can have a seamless experience. Since outsourcing all stages of production can be remotely controlled, all phases of product development, from product design to quality control can be delegated. Thereby, they can invest energy and time in other activities.

How does our outsourcing work?

1. Operating in Milan, Hong Kong Mainland China, and Vietnam, HERE Fashion Hub a fashion creation platform. Our fashion library is a creative database of ready-to-order items. Once selected and ordered, the product is removed from our digital catalog and remains brand’s exclusive property.

2. Along with market research to catch the latest fashion trends, we offer brands outsourcing that covers all stages of production. Design, materials research, product development, quality control, sourcing, and distribution. With our well-established team in Asia, we can find the most suitable opportunities for each client, according to their needs and requirements.

3. Sustainability is no longer just about creating products from sustainable materials. From now on, it will be more and more about creating sustainable models for lasting contributions to environmental issues. In addition to giving brands the real possibility to reduce the flow of long trips and, consequently, the pollution that it generates, HERE Fashion Hub is always looking for eco-conscious practices. We select the most environmentally and socially sustainable options at all stages of product development: from materials research to supply chain assessment, from CSR to quality control policies.