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Your trustable partner in Asia for procurement, sourcing, product development and market insights.

About us

HFH was founded in 2017 by industry veterans with decades of experience in sourcing and product development of fashion accessories, both in Asia and Europe.
With our procurement team based in Hong Kong and Mainland China, we are the sourcing agent you are looking for.



Thanks to our experienced team based in Mainland China, we support our customers with all activities required for managing their supply chain. We assist our clients in: finding, assessing, and engaging with suppliers; developing the product; and providing quality control activities. Best for: fashion brands and amazon sellers.

Sourcing & procurement - We have worked already with dozens of factories and suppliers specialized in fashion accessories

Product development - our senior staff on the ground in Mainland China can support this process, from sampling to bulk production

Quality control - We will ensure that bulk production is aligned with our clients’ (the brand’s) quality standard

Market insights

Know what Chinese consumers want. We provide valuable information about the trends in China, through market research conducted directly with potential consumers, local institutions, and trade associations. This information can significantly support the brand in making future decisions and ensure higher rates of success.

Exclusive access to valuable information - First- hand information from business players.

Staff on the ground - Our local staff get information directly from the source. No middlemen involved.

Information that matters - We filter main-trend information from the rest of the noise.

Why us

Better, Faster, Effective



Fashion accessories: bags, backpacks, suspenders, umbrellas, wallets, scarves and counting

Experienced and multilingual team

Staff on the ground in Europe and China

Deep understanding of Chinese sourcing dynamics

Dozens of projects under the belt with MNCs and SMEs

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Apparel, fashion, luxury, retail

Top-notch network of information providers within the retail industry

Experienced professionals

Custom market research

Qualitative research on key consumer groups, competitors, and market dynamics

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