Fashion Supply chain management

Finding the right partner and the right product in China can be a complex process for foreigner businesses.

Language and cultural barriers make communication and understanding difficult, practices and regulations can be vastly different from those in the Western world.The vastness and diversity of the Chinese market, make it difficult for foreigner businesses to identify reliable suppliers and manufacturers which meet their standards.

HFH can provide the support and guidance you need to ensure a successful and efficient fashion sourcing and supply chain management from China. We are your ideal sourcing agency.

We can help you with
one or more of the following steps

Step 1


Our clients can take advantage of our extensive factories database, which we have meticulously built and curated over the past years, all of which have been thoroughly vetted and screened for quality, reliability, and compliance. We can find new suppliers that meet your specific requirements.

Main products:

Luggages, Duffle bags, Organizers and other fashion accessories

Step 2


We understand that negotiating with suppliers from a different business culture can be a daunting task, especially given the language barrier.

Our team can assist you with everything from price negotiations to contract terms, helping you to secure the best deals and avoid common pitfalls.

Step 3


We can help you to develop detailed specifications, create technical drawings (tech packs) and provide samples for your approval and to arrange and follow up the sample production and delivery. Our goal is to ensure that the samples meet your standards and expectations.

Step 4

Product Development

We provide support and guidance to ensure that your products are developed to your exact specifications. You can have peace of mind that your product will be developed to the highest standards, and that any issues will be identified and addressed before mass production.

Step 5

Quality Control

We are committed to detect and prevent defects in bulk production through action of inspecting, testing. We make sure that a product meets the established quality standards.

ODM Products

In addition to our ODM service, we also offer wholesale products to businesses and individuals looking to purchase in bulk. Our wholesale option is perfect for companies looking to provide their employees or clients with high-quality gifts on a large scale.

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