How to Source the Best Selling Products to Sell on Amazon

Discover the secrets to sourcing the best-selling products for Amazon reselling. Find profitable niches, analyze market demand, and validate product performance. Boost your success on Amazon!
June 2, 2023

Are you ready to start selling on Amazon but find yourself asking, “How do I source the best-selling products?” Then buckle up, because you’re about to embark on an exciting journey through the vast, vibrant world of Amazon product sourcing.

In this guide, we’ll not only explore how to find products that sell like hotcakes but also how to use cutting-edge tools that make this process as smooth as butter.

The Amazon Marketplace: A World of Possibility

Before we begin, let’s take a moment to appreciate the sheer scale of Amazon. Did you know that Amazon boasts over 300 million active customer accounts and more than 1.9 million active sellers? And these numbers are growing every day. Just imagine the vast ocean of opportunity before you, waiting for you to cast your net. It’s an incredibly exciting prospect.

But here’s the thing: With great opportunity comes great competition. How do you stand out in such a crowded marketplace? How do you ensure your product isn’t lost in the sea of options?

Popular Best-Selling Products on Amazon

To get you started and ignite your path to identifying the best-selling products on Amazon, here are a few categories with perennially high demand:

Apparel: Redefining Clothing

Within the expansive ‘Apparel’ sector, it’s all about fusing innovation and sustainability to emerge as a best-selling product on Amazon. For instance, ‘bamboo fiber clothing’ is a niche gaining popularity with eco-conscious consumers, or what about ‘running compression socks’? With the global fitness trend, these specific niches are hidden treasures.

Electronics: Small is the New Big

In the ‘Electronics’ category, the best-selling products on Amazon are compact, travel-ready gadgets. Items such as ‘portable solar chargers’ or ‘wireless noise-canceling earbuds’ have taken the market by storm. Catering to the modern, mobile lifestyle, these compact powerhouses have etched their space in the electronics market.

Books: Feeding the Knowledge-Hungry

In the ‘Books’ department, the trick is to find the balance between timeless genres and contemporary additions. Take, for example, ‘vegan cooking cookbooks’ or ‘adult mindfulness coloring books.’ These unique twists on classic genres have made them some of the best-selling products on Amazon.

Fitness: Shaping the Home Workout Era

The ‘Fitness’ category has become a gold mine of best-selling products on Amazon, largely thanks to the home workout revolution. Innovative equipment like “glute-training resistance bands” or ‘adjustable dumbbells’ are hot commodities. These aren’t merely workout tools; they’re budget-friendly solutions for home gyms.

Home & Kitchen: Green is In

Last but not least, ‘Home & Kitchen’ has seen a rise in eco-friendly best-selling products on Amazon. Consider ‘biodegradable kitchen sponges’ or ‘reusable beeswax food wraps’ – these items are riding the wave of the sustainable living trend.

Find it too broad? That’s precisely why it’s crucial to delve deeper into each category, stay updated with current trends, and uncover niches that aren’t overcrowded. In this expansive Amazon marketplace, your role is to be a brave explorer, mapping your unique route. With this skill, you’ll survive and successfully uncover the best-selling products on Amazon.

 A screenshot of the Amazon marketplace website, displaying search bar, navigation menu, and user interface elements.

Step 1: Researching the Amazon Marketplace

Understanding the Amazon marketplace is crucial to sourcing best-selling products. Amazon provides valuable data, including a regularly updated list of current best-sellers across various categories. The trick lies in diving into these categories and their sub-categories and pinpointing a niche market with potential.

For instance, sustainable tech products might be gaining traction within the broad’ Electronics’ category. Or in ‘Beauty & Personal Care,’ the trend could be toward natural and vegan skincare products.

Consider tools like Jungle Scout, Helium 10, Viral Launch, and Unicorn Smasher, akin to metal detectors in this digital gold rush. These tools aid in keyword research, providing monthly sales volumes and highlighting products with low competition. This insight can streamline your product research process, guiding you toward a potentially profitable niche.

Step 2: Find Your Winning Products

If you try to sell a product with 100,000 search results, differentiating yourself will be a significant challenge. Therefore, you have to unearth the hidden gems, which means spotting areas in the market where there’s a high demand but sparse competition.

For example, a broad search for ’t-shirts’ might yield over 100,000 results, but a niche search for ‘organic cotton graphic t-shirts’ might only bring up a few thousand. This could be your hidden gem waiting to be discovered. This strategy increases the likelihood of your product being found and purchased by a more targeted group of customers.

Step 3: Source the Product

You’ve done your homework, identified your niche, and analyzed market demand. Now, you’re ready to source your best-selling product. But where do you start?

In the quest for the best product to sell, you might consider employing the services of a sourcing agent. With their deep knowledge of supply chains and strong negotiation skills, these experts can streamline your product-sourcing process. They connect you with reliable suppliers, ensure quality control, and even help with logistics. Then you can focus on other core aspects of your Amazon business, making your journey less daunting and more efficient.

 A screenshot of the Amazon marketplace website, displaying search bar, navigation menu, and user interface elements.

Step 4: Performance Review and Product Validation

Now, you’ve arrived at the all-important performance evaluation stage. Here, you confirm your product is more than just a shiny object; it’s a genuine bestseller.

Conclusion: Patience is Key

There you have it - your comprehensive guide to sourcing the best-selling product to sell on Amazon. Remember, though, that while this journey promises great rewards, it also demands great patience. Market research, product sourcing, and validation can take time, but it’s time well spent. After all, isn’t it better to measure twice and cut once?

From understanding the Amazon marketplace to validating your product, every step is crucial in this journey. With the right understanding, tools, and patience, you’ll soon find your best-selling product.

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