Born as a disruptive range of self-care items, HERE2CARE Capsule Collection aims to be a legacy for the post-COVID-19 challenges. All products are made of antibacterial and functional fabrics. We believe everything is connected and taking care of ourselves is taking care of others.

As a fashion platform that stimulates creativity and young talents, HERE Fashion Hub collaborated with 6 designers chosen among 100 participants of the HERE2CARE Creative Marathon. Each one has created 48 original designs to give life to this project. The result is an innovative and original capsule collection where optimism is the key. Altogether, there are 14 products designed in every detail to meet the needs and concerns of consumers in a post-pandemic world.

Made of antibacterial outer fabric and MICAX lining, adjustable ear elastics, strap, and nose clip, the Fashion Mask was developed to ensure protection and comfort for users. A technology developed especially for these purposes guarantees its effectiveness for up to 30 washes. The MICAX tissue zinc nanoparticles can attach to the cell walls of bacteria, disabling them.

To provide even more protection for users, we have developed the Mask Holder Wallet. Made of MICAX lining, the product is the safer place to store the face mask. Another innovative product designed especially for those who have children, the Mummy Bag allows fast access for paper towels storage, is easy to hang in the baby car and ideal to travel due to the integrated disinfection system. The technological UV sterilizer LED penetrates the cells and nuclei of organisms killing bacteria and viruses on objects.

Undoubtedly, COVID-19 was devastating for those who fell ill or lost loved ones. However, the restrictions imposed on daily life to contain its spread also proved to be a difficult time for everyone. The quarantine and lockdown experiences changed people’s social lives. New self-care habits, such as wearing a mask and always carrying an alcohol gel to polish hands everywhere, were incorporated into society’s routine. Thinking about it, HERE Fashion Hub has combined its expertise in outsourcing in Asia with the new demands of society to offer brands hassle-free manufacturing experience.